Why should you choose Annie Kyle curtains?

High-Quality Block-out Fabrics

We know you will find a curtain fabric that you will love from our carefully chosen selection.  From beautiful patterns to textured weaves, we have something to suit everyone’s taste. All our fabrics are pre-washed before making up and you will appreciate the properties of these durable yet beautiful fabrics for many years.  

We have several main types of fabric, some which provide maximum light resistance (blockout) and warmth as a single layer, and others we supply with a plain blockout backing to give maximum warmth and light resistance, all included in our very reasonable prices.  We also offer a beautiful range of sheer fabrics which can be made up for a double track to give extra privacy or filter sunlight, or to be used as the primary feature curtain with a plain blockout lining behind it.


The Perfect Pleat

Like many aspects of interior design, the finishing touches come down to personal taste. We offer the finish on our curtains at no extra cost for either double or triple pleats so you get exactly the look you want.

Triple Pleat

This pinch pleat style are groups of triple pleats spaced evenly along the curtain heading, creating a luxurious full curtain, which sits beautifully when drawn and also stacks neatly to the side when opened.

We recommend the triple pleat finish on all of our curtain fabrics for warmth and ventilation.  We think you will be delighted with the full style and drape of the finished product which keeps warmth in during winter yet prevents excess heat coming into the room in summer.  This classic look is suitable for both curtain tracks and rods.


Double Pleat

The other main pinch pleat style with double pleats evenly spaced along the heading offers a stylish finish and a full look on the window.

This finish is suitable for both curtain tracks and rods and may often be chosen for a heavier fabric selection.

However, most fabrics in Annie Kyle’s selection offer a thick, luxuriant look whilst being lightweight and durable and can equally accommodate the triple pleat style.


Seams for Durability

Seams can greatly increase the life of your curtains.

Annie Kyle curtains are made with a five-seam finish, using the highest quality workmanship to create flawless seams and extra strength in the overall product.


Stronger Hooks

All curtain orders are supplied with stainless steel hooks, fitted and ready to hang.  

The hooks will not perish or break like standard plastic hooks and help maintain the crisp finish of your product once installed. These stainless steel hooks are also rust free and easy to clean.


Tie Backs

All curtain orders come with matching fabric tiebacks.


Washed Before Sewn

  • Quality – the fabric is washed in advance to reduce residual bacteria and dust.
  • Care – each fabric has an individual treatment process.
  • Shrink-proof – the fabric is pre-shrunk for ongoing care.
  • Environmentally friendly – dried naturally in the sunlight.


Quality Guarantee

  • All our fabrics are environment-friendly and toxic free.
  • They have passed SGS tests proving that they use formaldehyde-free dye.
  • All fabrics are proudly made in Taiwan.